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  1. i86bi_linux-l2-adventerprisek9-ms.SSA.high_iron_20190423.bin SW2(config-if)#mac? mac mac-address macro macsec SW2(config-if)#mac ? access-group MAC access-group configuration commands SW2(config-if)#macsec ? replay-protection Configure replay protection parameters for MACsec operation <cr> SW2(config-if)#mka policy "mka_policy_265" % MKA policy "mka_policy_265" has not been configured. SW2(config)#key chain MKA1 macsec SW2(config-keychain-macsec)#? MACSEC Key-chain configuration commands: description Description of the Macsec key chain exit Exit from Macsec key-chain configuration mode key Configure a Macsec key no Negate a command or set its defaults Need more?
  2. Layer 3 # iosv image definition # generated 2020-08-28 id: iosv-159-3 label: IOSv 15.9(3) description: IOSv 15.9(3) node_definition_id: iosv disk_image: vios-adventerprisek9-m.spa.159-3.m2.qcow2 read_only: true schema_version: "0.0.1" [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks for the reply. Do you think this can be a very good lab solution? [Hidden Content] The processor can take up to 128GB ram. It has 8 cores and 16 threads. Not the best xeon but a very good option for the price. Not sure about ESX compatibility but it should fly, what do you think? Here's the Xeon specs: [Hidden Content]
  4. oh boy...you better put on your tin foil hat so you wont have any of that radiation on you.....
  5. Thanks for the info. May I ask, are you running it on your laptop or server somewhere? If on laptop, is it a i7, i9 or?
  6. Nobody is seeding! @UmarKhalidJNU Can you please re-upload it to Anonfiles or something, nobody is seeding this! Please share!
  7. Thanks man, appreciate it. Can you please let me know in terms of system requirements what would I need at a minimum to run this kind of lab? Thanks again
  8. That type of mentality is not fantastic! You bought it and are not willing to share? That's fine, but just study your book and stop commenting about it. I would never work in a team with someone holding that type of mentality nor would I accept that type of mentality in my team. If I were capable of spending 5k on a study package I'd gladly share it. You see, I understand that support an author that makes good work is a good idea, but I consider being a priority helping others attaining knowledge to try making their careers a bit better, and consequently having a better life. Some people have bigger needs than others, and if they have a chance to study, I'll feel much better about myself. Without this type of mentality there wouldn't be a site like this for you to download "knowledge" free of charge in the first place. Without this "open source share" mentality, companies would struggle even more recruiting people, brain power in IT is scarce as is. You can do better than that I'm sure.
  9. Alright, well, I think They are doing the version 5 topology with minor changes. At least I've been tracing the videos with Brian and looks the sam.e
  10. I didn't see the full workbooks though, did I miss anything?
  11. The initial config files are located under: "INE - CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0\8. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1 Exam Review\ine-ccie-eiv1-exam-review-files.zip\ine-ccie-eiv1-exam-review-files 2\CCIE.EIv1.Bootcamp\CCIE.Enterprise.Infrastructure.Bootcamp.001.virl" The ".virl" files are xml files with all configs and solutions Also every lab solution is there! Here is the initial config for the lab! Note: You must make sure you add a new passord on your config files or you 'll be locked out of the routers/switches! Example line: username cisco privilege 15 secret 5 $1$9Ebw$pWomWa/vMmM2Z/2cc1c4I1 [Hidden Content]
  12. Can you help me understand at which point in the process of adding checkpoint to your eve did you convert the vm to qcow2?
  13. ph4ntom74

    ACI on Eve-ng

    LOOOL, I'm running 16GB. dude, you're "ram rich"
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