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  1. That means we can use an optional number for that VLAN, but the same VLAN for both ports on Switch B, Right?
  2. Hi Guys, I have no access to the devices to test this. I was wondering what would be the configuration for the ports of a layer 2 switch which connects two Routed(no switchport; ip address X) ports of two other switches? Should it be trunk, access or anything else? For example a Routed port of Switch A connects to Switch B (layer 2) and Switch B connects to a Routed port of Switch C. ( A and C are in the same subnet). What should be the configuration of Switch B in order A and C can ping each other. A ------- B ------- C Thanks all
  3. How can I enter the tcl commands like and foreach nad append... in this configuration? I get wrong commands from the IOS when I enter the tcl the commands starting from the line "action 2.1 set lines 0" Has anybody tested the solution on the IOS? event manager applet CPU event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op gt entry-type value entry-val 60 poll-interval 60 action 1.0 cli command "enable" action 2.0 cli command "show processes cpu sorted 5min" action 2.1 set lines "0" action 2.2 foreach line "$_cli_result" "\n" action 2.3 if $lines lt 11 action 2.4 append output "$lines\n" action 2.5 end action 2.6 increment line action 2.7 end action 3.0 mail server "" to "[email protected]" from “[email protected]” subject "CPUAlert5min" body “$output”
  4. Do you guys know anything about passccielab bootcamp? As all we know their solutions on their workbooks have never been enough to pass the exam.So anybody has any experience with that or any information on how the bootcamp is?Also where is the location of the bootcamp?
  5. Old with full of mistakes.
  6. nt1


    But the same as all the other vendors not much useful to the current exam!
  7. How can a tunnel help here?Or how can we remove at least one of the two redistributions and use another solution?
  8. Hi all SP guys Can you tell me how it can be done to make an mpls network which has ospf between CE and PE,work without redistributing between ospf and bgp?
  9. Can you tell us redistributing what to what was not allowed?Do you mean redistributing bgp to ospf vrf and ospf vrf to bgp?
  10. nt1

    Is K1 still in use?

    Guys do you know if anybody has taken K1 in the last 1 month please? I dont know anyone,but I`m taking my exam soon and want to study it again if required.
  11. nt1

    Faild lab exam..

    Your mate has passed the old lab. Both cciecert and passccielab solutions are wrong.
  12. You all have forgotten that the main issue about the MPLS is that the sham link should be made by a /24 loopback interface.
  13. nt1

    TS3 precedence issue

    Good idea but you know that we dont have access to the switches in TS..
  14. The traffic stream from to host is not receiving priority precedence. Fix this problem so that the stream is marked with the desired precedence of critical. The initial config has a correct service policy. What other change is needed assuming that no acl is blocking precedence between the source and destination?
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