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  1. Thanks my friend. But some says that delta 218q contains some additional questions. And even with that there are about 10 to 15 new questions. I know that existing dumps might be sufficient, but I want to avoid surprises. BTW, are all answers in in the 174q dump correct?
  2. Hi all, If someone has the latest premium dump for both 2v0-621 and 2V0-621D in pdf format, please kindly share. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi velramsen, Can you please kindly upload the last one for 642-889 with 126 questions?! Thanks in advance
  4. Hi velramsen, Thanks for you shares there. Are you sure that last dumps published are valid?!
  5. Great Share, thanks. @sleek1 (or anyone else): please kindly share the companion slides of the courses.
  6. Let them go to hell! and f**k that stupid cert.
  7. And for SNMP, why to add the host?! I think there are no traps, but the NMS (R17), has to pull info only?!
  8. For IPv6, how can we add the static route if they are missed, since static routes are prohibited unless pre-configured?!
  9. It seems that the issue is to make R7 prefers the BGP route through AS 300 directly but not through R6/R8 (i.e. though eBGP but not iBGP). This is because IOS has built in mechanism to prevent redistribution from iBGP into IGP which can be turned off using bgp redistribute-internal. Therefore, either : Change prefix-list seq 3 for on R8 to permit ( looks safe and seems the best solution since this matches the initial config of MSDPv2 ) Or change the LP on R8 to another value (150 or less). Or use bgp redistribute-internal command on R7. Try these in MSDP EX.
  10. Thanks ccdpwanabe ! This "1" vs "l" tricks my eyes sometimes!
  11. I have stuck in TS5 multilink ticket. The serial interfaces are unstable (sometimes up/up and others up/down). I have done shut/unshut several times and reload also but no luck. Is this a bug, or something has to be solved?! If yes than how?!
  12. I think he means that since CEs has allowas in (in his attempt), then PEs does not need as-override to be configured.
  13. Hi guys, At what TS5 version does that (community-list) exist? I have practiced the Jan 2014 and EX versions, but I have seen a lot of shares for TS5 & MSDP in the share section. What to practice exactly?! Please help and thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks, but as I have said above, file was deleted from 4shared.
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