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  1. Real and genuine EVE Community is here: [Hidden Content]
  2. STOP call things EVE which are not EVE. This is fork is made by C4C, and it is not related to EVE-NG at all. IT IS NOT EVE-NG AT ALL... !!!!
  3. Use EVE Community v 102, it is much better than this cracked/screwed OLD pro
  4. And thread closed e per author request. Because he shared it with goodwill but you simply knocked him down, and his mega was closed.
  5. you are showing outputs from diff images, not that vIOS what is shared here
  6. go to VIRL and download original vmdk It is impotant that these image pass Platform signature verified. *Oct 5 19:06:22.964: %PLATFORM-5-SIGNATURE_VERIFIED: Image 'flash0:/vios-adventerp risek9-m' passed code signing verification But in GNS3 probably it is not ok because templates have preloaded checsums which must match for very particular images. On EVE these two vIOS work like charm.. BTW images are perfectly converted, I converted vmdk my self on EVE cli and checksums matching with OP shared images... MD5 shared image qcow2 here: A395DB4F1AC8087B73418625799B725B MD5 my coverted image from original vmdk to virtioa.qcow2: A395DB4F1AC8087B73418625799B725B All match and works as well. original filename downloaded from VIRL is: vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.157-3.M3 MD5: 37C148FFA14A82F418A6E9C2B049FAFE
  7. Finally some shared really good and tested images! i confirm those are best on today. tested in EVE in SEC RS and lot aother labs. i recommend it...
  8. you guys want use this shit.. good luck I recommend better to take fee community version
  9. EVE Does not support AMD, its your own risk if something will not work
  10. Somicwall is easy to create by self... [Hidden Content]
  11. eve-ng plus??? Like dumpers adding ++++ in their release without any clue
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