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  1. Hi all, I want here to share how to integrate Huawei NE40E routers VRP based with GNS3 without using Huawei eNSP tool. I manage to reverse engineer the NE40E VM to make it working standalone and get access as root to that VM to make necessary changes. This work took me 3 monthes of work. Step 1: Deploy the NE40E Huawei VM in VirtualBox Step 2: Open GNS3 and create a custom Cloud with attached configuration Step 3: Start the NE40E VM under VirtualBox (I create script to make things easy you can use then to start VM and routers) : start_stop_VM.bat Step 4:Start the router (using the script from the windows CMD) : start_stop_status_router.bat Step 5: under GNS3 connect the Cloud (step 2) to any other device under GNS3 And that's it Link of the VM and the needed scripts [Hidden Content] also youtube video I made to explain more details [Hidden Content] BR
  2. Here you can find more than what you need [Hidden Content] Enjoy !!
  3. Actually it can run with GNS3 without using eNSP just boot NE4OE VM under VirtualBox and access it using corret cloud configuration check my post on GNS3 community it explain how exactly its done with links to download th VM
  4. here is a link that have all needed [Hidden Content] BR Ridha
  5. Hi any one can share JMF lab guide please ? Thanks Ridha
  6. hi guys Huawei just released new version of eNSP that supports NE40E series, need to have customer account to download it. ant one can share the new 2019 version of eNSP. (eNSP V100R003C00SPC100) THANKS
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