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  1. Send me the serial number of the ASA module as well as 6509 chassis.
  2. I think this is because Cisco is suing Test King (Certification Trendz) for copyright infringement (June 2015) and Actualtests doesn't want to be next!
  3. This error message is usually because the Intel E1000 network interfaces aren't discovered at the PCI bus address they're expected to be. What is your QEMU command line?
  4. The WLC uses the same licensing mechanism as recent IOS images (and IPS v7+), which is Safenet Sentinel. I have looked into it very briefly... in order to create your own licenses you will need the Sentinel SDK (includes wlcgen utility) as well as the secret seed information that is specific to Cisco. It's going to be a lot of work :-)
  5. One more thing... you'll need to change the device ID as well for each one. Change every instance of: device-id=0x100f to: device-id=0x100e U:H
  6. The image you are running was created under VMware and the Intel Pro/1000 network interfaces were mapped specifically to the PCI bus addresses provided by the VMware virtual hardware. Since you're running under a QEMU/KVM environment, the E1000 interfaces will not be discovered properly during bootup. You will need to do the following (you need to know how to use the text editor 'vi'): 1. Log in to the IPS using account 'service' and password 'ciscoips123' 2. Type: vi /usr/cids/idsRoot/etc/interface.conf 3. Scroll down until you see the section [models/IPS-4240/interfaces] 4. Edit the "pci-path" section for each interface to match the QEMU PCI bus address of each NIC. QEMU E1000 bus addresses are usually: 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 5. Save the file and reboot the IPS sensor. Good luck. U:H
  7. Thanks but I need an actual license file. The trial is no good for license reversing.
  8. Anybody running Datacore SanSymphony? I need a license file (it's OK if it's expired) so that I can hack the licensing code. Thanks U:H
  9. You will need the IPS 4260 recovery image (*.img) in order to install the proper system version from scratch. When your 4260 boots up, it will say "Evaluating BIOS Options...". At this point, hit CTRL + R and you will drop into ROMMON (like the Cisco ASA). From here, you can boot from the recovery image and it will install itself.
  10. Looking to extend the life of the older ASA platforms... but need iLO and console access first. U:H
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