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  1. Thanks for feedback. Q23 Refer to the exhibit. The Python script is supposed to make an API call to Cisco DNA Center querying a wireless profile for the "ChicagoCampus" and then parsing out its enable FlexConnect value. Drag and drop the parts of the Python code from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the exhibit As I am still studying I've found other questions that are questionable QUESTION 37 A client is written that uses a REST API to interact with a server. Using HTTPS as the transport, an HTTP request is sent and received an HTTP response. The response contains the HTTP response status code: 503 Service Unavailable. Which action is the appropriate response? A.Add an Authorization header that supplies appropriate credentials and sends the updated request. B.Resend the request using HTTP as the transport instead of HTTPS. C.Add an Accept header that indicates the content types that the client understands and send the updated request. D.Look for a Retry-After header in the response and resend the request after the amount of time indicated. Correct Answer: A -> should be D Q38 Refer to the exhibit. Two editors are concurrently updating an article's headline from their mobile devices. What results from this scenario based on this REST API sequence? A.The article is marked as "Conflicted" B.The article headline is "Monday Headlines" C.The article headline is "Today Headlines" D.The article headline is "Top Headlines" Correct Answer: B -> D?
  2. What Do You think about bellow questions? QUESTION 3 A cloud native project is being worked on in which all source code and dependencies are written in Python, Ruby, and/or JavaScnpt. A change in code triggers a notification to the CI/CD tool to run the CI/CD pipeline. Which step should be omitted from the pipeline? A.Deploy the code to one or more environments, such as staging and/or production. B.Build one of more containers that package up code and all its dependencies. C.Compile code. D.Run automated tests to validate the correctness. Correct Answer: A -> should be C? QUESTION 4 Which two statements are considered best practices according to the 12-factor app methodology for application design? (Choose two.) A.Application code writes its event stream to stdout. B.Application log streams are archived in multiple replicated databases. C.Application log streams are sent to log indexing and analysis systems. D.Application code writes its event stream to specific log files. E.Log files are aggregated into a single file on individual nodes. Correct Answer: AD -> AC? QUESTION 6 How should a web application be designed to work on a platform where up to 1000 requests per second can be served? A.Use algorithms like random early detection to deny excessive requests. B.Set a per-user limit (for example, 5 requests/minute/user) and deny the requests from the users who have reached the limit. C.Only 1000 user connections are allowed; further connections are denied so that all connected users can be served. D.All requests are saved and processed one by one so that all users can be served eventually. Correct Answer: D -> D or B ? QUESTION 17 DRAG DROP Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct data processing techniques on the right, in the context of GDPR. data pseudomization - can be re-identyfied data anonyzimation - can not be re-identyfied QUESTION 23 Refer to the exhibit. The Python script is supposed to make an API call to Cisco DNA Center querying a wireless profile for the "ChicagoCampus" and then parsing out its enable FlexConnect value. Drag and drop the parts of the Python code from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the exhibi should be? ChicagoCampus profilesdetails SSIDDetails 0 flexconnection enableFlex QUESTION 24 A developer has completed the implementation of a REST API, but when it is executed, it returns a 401 error message. What must be done on the API to resolve the issue? A.Access permission to the resource must be granted, before the request. B.Configure new valid credentials. C.The requested API endpoint does not exist, and the request URL must be changed. D.Additional permission must be granted before the request can submitted. Correct Answer: D -> A?
  3. what materials are You using to pass the exam?
  4. Took the exam yesterday. [Hidden Content]
  5. check PW, Are You sure about answer A? which part of the rfc says it ?
  6. so let's begin the discussion In dump there are some answers to which I have doubts. What are Your opinion. QUESTION 1 What are two characteristics of RPC API calls? (Choose two.) A. They can be used only on network devices. B. They use only UDP for communications. C. Parameters can be passed to the calls. D. They must use SSL/TLS. E. They call a single function or service. Correct Answer: AC -> should be CE? ----------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 3 What are two benefits of leveraging Ansible for automation of Cisco IOS XE Software? (Choose two.) A. Ansible playbooks are packaged and installed on IOS XE devices for automatic execution when an IOS device reboots. B. All IOS XE operating systems include Ansible playbooks for basic system administration tasks. C. It is a device-independent method for automation and can be used with any type of device or operating system. D. Ansible playbooks can be written from the IOS XE EXEC command line to configure the device itself. E. It does not require any modules of software except SSH to be loaded on the network device. Correct Answer: AC > CE? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 8 What are two characteristics of synchronous calls to APIs? (Choose two.) A. They can be used only with certain programming languages. B. They make your application less portable, so asynchronous calls are preferred. C. They can add perceived latency to your application if data is not received. D. They block until a response is returned from the servers. E. They do not block while waiting for the API to be processed. Correct Answer: CE -> CD? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 25 Which tag is required when establishing a YANG-push subscription with a Cisco IOS XE device? A. <yp:period> B. <yp:subscription-result> C. <yp:subscription-id> D. <yp:xpath-filter> Correct Answer: D (?) ----------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 33 Webhook that are generated by Cisco DNA Center are REST calls with which properties? A. JSON payload delivered via PUT B. XML payload delivered via POST C. JSON payload delivered via POST D. XML payload delivered via PUT Correct Answer: A -> should be C? -------------------------------------------
  7. How many questions are on the exam?
  8. Gather from other posts as well 1. Question about broadcast doamain 2. D&D question regarding control, management and data plan 3. related to TDD. Chose this one: "Write test that fail" 4. difference btw synchronous vs asynchronous API 5. D&D regarding UCS Manager, UCS Director, Intersight intersight - can be managed from any place Manager - only for cisco devices Director- cisco and other vendors 6. D&D a typical python script import package variable initialization call reqeusts.post/get parsing request json result to dict e.g foo = json.loads() get result from 4. e.g. foo['ticket'] 7. aICMP Time exceeded related.what can be a reason for recieving such message. (the router on the path has wrong routing) 8. one more ICMP Q web user not able to access url, wireshark shows ICMP return code like Communication Administratively no Access(or Prohibited?) A: there is an ACL on the path 9. advantanges of YANG model (chhose 2) 10. new branch develop to existing. which command use 11. there are 5 servers and 50 clients, why would network admin create subnet - pick up 2 :
  9. 17 AD 47 BC 70 AB 80 - C and the second anwer is not listed in real (there were 5 options) for sure not B. The line numbers starts from 172 and should start from 160
  10. I used only REAL I have gather the new question that I had on the exam from other postsr: [Hidden Content]
  11. Hi @bluntjame1234 Thanks for feedback. What is You opinion regarding following questions: 17 47 70 80
  12. The communication to Radius is working fine, therefore FAIL response will be returned. Only when an ERROR is detected will AAA select the next authentication method defined in the authentication method list. Therefore D is correct in my opinion.
  13. Q.154 Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true? A.The output shows an IPv6 multicast address with link-local scope. B.The output shows an IPv6 multicast address that is used for unique local sources only. C.The output shows an IPv6 multicast address that can be used for BIDIR-PIM only. D.The output shows an IPv6 multicast address with embedded RP. Answer:D Is that correct? If yes, why?
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