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  1. @mustafa86 @manofringWas this the student guide?I was under the impression it was or was it exam dump?I'm after the student guide if either of you have it. much appreciated
  2. @mustafa86--Did you manage to get the student guide from the above link?If so could you please share it
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone sitll has it,it says the link you are looking for is gone. Much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have Redhat CL210 or Openstack foundations COA materials?
  5. Manofring---You wouldn´t have CL210 by any chance ? @manofring
  6. Hi, Does anyone here have CL210 Redhat Openstack student guide?
  7. still vaild ,passed recently
  8. Hi tp2009,Can it be used to schedule an exam for a later date?I am thinking about scheduling it next week?Please do let me know
  9. passed today --argentinas dump is enough to pass
  10. Has anyone passed ccde written recently using any dumps -
  11. can anyone share the 510 dumps please.appreciate you mentioning they are only 50 percent valid but still better than nothing
  12. ccde 99 is valid..no need to go through other dumps
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