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  1. Many have wasted their time and energy with this 110 GB file. It will get activated only when you connect to c4c server as a registered user. It doesn't work. It has no unl files.
  2. Kindly add me in the group. My lab is booked for January. This is not my first attempt so i should be able to add value to your group.
  3. I assume you are referring to CCIE Security 1) Can I have a lab with: Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module? - APIC is part of CCIE-DC. It is around 36GB (version 3.2) and can be downloaded from cisco. You will need to request the Cisco licensing team for an activation code. You need 32GB of RAM to run this simulator on your PC/Laptop. I had issues running with 16GB so upgraded my RAM. 2) Is IPv6 in Lab? - No 3 Is Cisco Email Security Appliance in lab? - No
  4. Please go through this link [Hidden Content] There is a way to disable Putty always being on top.
  5. CCIE Security prebuilt lab is sold only by C4C (CC Dreamer). I know of no other vendor who has a better lab. The problem with C4C lab is that it is sold using the Eve Learning Center edition which means you cannot edit the lab or export the UNL file. Even the CLI access is restricted. The only way to start the lab is by authenticating over the internet everytime you start. In other words, this lab cannot be run on a system that doesn't have internet connection and correct authentication/registration details. I still haven't found a cracked version of this lab. You can practice all the questions except the WLAN on this lab.
  6. Passed today with 930+. I followed the 126q dump which is being circulated . All except 1 question were from the dump. New Question had the keyword "Bridge Assurance" and we needed to select 2 options. The Answers from Evolving Technologies are mostly wrong - which is where i scored only 50%.
  7. It has become a fashion to blame Mumbai & Dhunna . Th real reason people start such thread & rumour is to scare others to drop their lab dates thus making a date available for them. @Syed - Do not use such means to earn your CCIE - its not worth it.
  8. Please PM me the password....Thanks I have contributed CCIE Voice INE WB which has had over 350+ downloads :-)
  9. Why on earth would some one post v2 ??????? Dude - wake up. It is going to be 1 year since v2 expired.
  10. These are v3 workbooks for CCIE Voice. Happy Labbing!!!! [Hidden Content] Please use [Offer] tag when offering materials, thanks...
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