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  1. with "show ip mroute" you will see rpf failures but not peer-prf which is different from prf.
  2. I think INE is better ...
  3. Let's discuss ... Please PM me
  4. can anybody explain, if you have dumps ... who can the person fail? well first time I understand maybe you are under stress and bit nervous but second time?
  5. Hi, I'm interested. where are you in Europe.
  6. Troubleshooting really most difficult part, did you tried to practice with INE workbook vol4? also video trainings ... from INE and 360 It helps a lot ... good luck
  7. always try with different rack numbers even if you know rack number range you will not know exact rack number you will get. that's how I'm doing ... good luck
  8. I don't understand why rack number is so important?
  9. ccie12

    2nd Attempt

    when did you had your last LAB?
  10. congratulations!!! My lab date is also very near. what was your solution in config section for L2 switch trunk configuration did you allowed only required vlans or all existing vlans? was question clear enough? in PCL it's not clear we should allow existing or required vlans only. thanks again for your post ...
  11. jerome3079, are you sure that it is not required ... yes sure it not required explicitly. but look on the topic from other side is it restricted to have?
  12. question itself is not clear so for the task, I would do your first option tracking on both groups ... if SW3 and SW4 lose default route then load balancing will be there still ... HTH
  13. keep helping and god will hear you
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