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  1. Hello, Can someone please help me to get Exam Ref 70-743 pdf file. thanks in advance.
  2. Upload it to a public file server. Wetransfer can be used.
  3. Hi, I'm here. What's the problem? BTW, I'm male.
  4. Hi guys, I will check the problem when after finishing my new project. But be sure it is working.
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly, as I wrote, I had done the patch for Windows version and for 4.1.6. The Web site contains 4.1.0 I believe. So Firstly choose ce version and update it. Than do the patch and keygen. For already updated ones, delete the. Maltego folder as I wrote and try again. For Linux version, I have to check where the code directs in linux os. But as the code does not include a static target, I thought it would work. Again the .maltego folder may need to be deleted.
  6. This is interesting...did you crack the password? :biggrin:
  7. I have tested it without problem. Try 7zip.
  8. Hello, Below you can download the patch and keygen for Maltego. It turns Maltego to XL version and unlimited time. Usage; Copy file contents to Maltego folder overwriting file Run Keygen and generate serial Run Maltego and choose offline activation Copy license request to keygen and fill fields Press Generate license Close offline activation Choose online Maltego XL activation For any problems delete folder in appdata\Roaming\.maltego and restart the process MaltegoXL.lic file stored in Documents folder (do not delete or move this file) I haven't tried it with Linux version but should work in that too. [Hidden Content] Greetings from Turkey...
  9. I was working on Maltego and almost finished. Currently working on my PC as full Maltego XL.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on a "project" right now. After that I will chek them.
  11. If you have doubts, install the app on vm and test it. But the license file generated won't work on real machine as it is machine specific. Why I need the software to be installed? Because I get some license information from the default installed key file. I might write the keygen without them but it would take some more time and main question would be 'why should I choose a hard way while an easy way exists?' I share these kind of things to be useful to forum members. But being threated like a suspicious person realy dissapoints me, especially considering my previous posts and waiting to be appreciated. Maybe I should share these kind of things in a forum that is more suitable.
  12. Hello everyone, I needed a cure for Solarwinds software but I couldn't find any. So I decided to try my chance and voila... I have tested it with Network Topology mapper, Engineer's Toolkit Desktop and Kiwi Syslog server latest versions. They all worked. Some info; Protection: 3DES Encryption, certificate signing Vulnerabilities: Unprotected source files, offline activation, keeping encrytion key inside, accepting self-signed certificate Usage: Install applications from SolarWinds web site Use keygen and choose application from combobox Generate license Start application and choose offline activation method Use license file generated inside the keygen folder Notes Not tested with other SolarWind products but if the protection method is same, this keygen would most probably work. Please share your info and tests here. Not tested for updating as I used the latest versions. [Hidden Content] Greetings from Turkey...
  13. Maybe...I thought it would be easier to try my chance...
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