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  1. I got a date and actually it came after 00:00 IST and there were few released but in few mins all closed including me !!! Thanks all !!! Time to pick up the practice and this will be my 3rd big one after CCIE, CISSP.
  2. Dear All, Looking CCIE security lab dates in Bangalore (everyday) but not getting any date available till feb end. Is lab fully booked for next months? or cisco will release in period of time? how to get the date ? Your reply appreciated !!!
  3. Thanks Radiks, i see the below is changes in Spoto, can you help if any more correct answers? Q14 Answer is B : IKE2 is more secure Q17 Answer is C : HTTPS access enabled by default Q50 Answer is B : esp-gcm offers both encryption and integrity Q87 Answer is C : AES has a block size of 128 Q95 Answer is F: allow profile has an incorrect source network Q80 Answer is C: It drops malicious traffic...
  4. Hi, Planning to give the exam in 2 days, is still valid and any one passed in 2 days ?
  5. The one shared by cciein2012, It is first post in this thread.
  6. Cleared the exam today and 1-2 new ones. There are many addinals options which may confuse us so study the answers very clearly. Big thanks to cciein2012 for helping. Planning to complete DC this year so will join there soon.
  7. Guys, Which PIM multicast type requires IGMPv3 and operates without using rendezvous point messages? A. PIM-DM B. PIM-SM C. SSM D. BIDIR-PIM Which is anwer, cisco shows SSM. Please help
  8. Guys, heard that the passing score is 900+, please confirm
  9. Sorry, pls ignore the above,looks it is changed. Thanks for the feedback
  10. me too, planning to complete in July
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