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  1. Could you please reupload file 34 ? it is corrupted
  2. is this question answered correctly ? Which three statements about Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect fibre channel end-host mode are true? (Choose three) A. The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect send BPDUs northbound. B. The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect learns southbound dynamic MAC addresses. C. The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect learns dynamic MAC addresses from attached storage fibre channel ports. D. The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect never learns northbound dynamic MAC addresses. E. Link status changes on uplink ports are propagated to host vNICs. F. vNIC fabric failover is never available in end-host mode. G. vHBA fabric failover is enabled by default. PL answer is BCE My answer is BDE But I do not have a reference.
  3. sorry to hear that man what was your score ?
  4. Hello everybody. I have a bunch of devices, each with a bunch of interfaces. The task is to run the following commands as a best practice int x no ip proxy-arp no ip redirect. Is there any script to do that (TCLSH or EEM ) ? The way I think to do that is to run "sh ip int bri | ex unas". This will give me all layer 3 interfaces. I need then to take them and apply at once using a script can you provide me with the script?
  5. Hi all Do you have the student guide for DCUCI v5 ? Please share
  6. Hi all I run the IPS on my PC for more than 3 hours. I receive this error message when I try to configure any policy on the IPS sensor, where it fails to deliver the commands to the IPS. ------------- Delivery failed. A response from the sensor has not been received. Certain operations such as activating or retiring signatures take longer to process on the sensor. The configuration will be refreshed from the sensor. Try the configuration again later if the refresh is not successful. ------------ Does anyone know why this error appear to me ?
  7. Thank you Mangotown for the file you have provided. It works with me , but could you please provide us the steps you have done it ? I really need to know it.
  8. Did anyone try it on AMD processor ? I successfuly install version 6, but when I upgrade to version7, it stops at the prompt of username and password, and then the following message appear “Warning: MainApp has not started, please try again later. Would you like to run cidDump?[no]: ” Everytime I enter the username and password, the console shows the same message
  9. antitouch

    K6 MLS QoS

    For the question about "Mark Voice packets with CoS 5", could we use vlan-based QoS to mark voice packets? I think yes! but this is under one condition: the port is configured with "switchport voice vlan x". Could any one confirm that?
  10. Hi all I need to ask the following for K6 WCCP question 1- WAAS is connected to which port ? 2- Server is connected to which port ? 3- Client is connnected to which port ? PCL says only that WAAS is connected to FA0/1 Could any one tell me the remaining connections ?
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