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  1. Congrats to all who have passed RHEL, and thanks to Geek for sharing such information. it took long time for people to recognize the productivity of Linux.... good work keep it up. Regards, Omer
  2. Guys, I'll highly appreciate if anyone can share the Asterisk CBT training by Nouman Khan just few months back i've book marked his link from youtube but all the related videos were removed some time back. Thanking in advance for the support. Regards,
  3. i believe its better to close the post if download links are not working...... otherwise people will keep on clicking thanks for nothing.
  4. its good but kindly fix the sign in tab its hiddne behind creat new account.
  5. Asslam-u-Alaikum, I'm glad to be a part of the huge family and would like to all the participent who are involved in continues support for this tremendous site. At this very special moment my suggestion is for the Founders and Administrators that if possible kindly put our numbership number with our ID names in order for us to have knowledge. Regards, Omer
  6. I would like to thanks spigy11 for sharing such useful information. there is very little information available over the net related to Redhad certification hence need to pay alot to get any training. sharing is carring. Thanks again buddy. Regards, Omer
  7. Thanks for sharing such helpful material.... appart from appreciation..... why people put password if they intention is to share for free...... Regards, Omer
  8. since we are humans nothing is impossible for us.... coz we are made in a way to over come everything.... like Allah give us a name Ashrar-ul-makhlook....... superior to everything.......... so to pass any certification or achieve anything in life one need the resources....... and passion... otherwise bill Gate's children would've become the youngest for all the microsoft certification....... at the end its our luck which also helps us to be something one day....... Regards, Omer
  9. Hi unsobill, First of all there are no short cuts to be a PMP. second thing is your experience of owning a small business is also a good example of project management. let me put it this way being a small business owner you have to face different customers every day and on top of it to feed your business, and yourself as well, you need to fulfill their different requirements each customer is a project for you so you are qualified for the exam. i would suggest you to goto any PMP authorized trainer they will assist you in preparing your experience requirement. plus training is mandatory for PMP without that no one can sit for PMP Exam. hope i answered your concerns. Regards, Omer
  10. hasayed, you've done a great job..... its not great that you've passed the exam... the great thing about you is that you didn't quit on your weakness and over come on it i appreciate your courage and for all the hard work you've done to achieve your dreams. keep on climbing the success stairs in your life and never look back. Regards, Omer
  11. Hey guys, one my friend is CCIEx2, R&S and Voice as per his suggestion IPexpert is best more over now a days lots of offers from IPexpert for me its more attractive, economical and suggested by one of my friend so i would go and suggest IPexpert. Regards, Omer
  12. cool dude thanks for sharing.......
  13. why don't you consult with an institute they will provide you the exact figures. Regards, Omer
  14. Well provided information is quite interesting but who wants to spend money. Regards, Omer
  15. CompTIA wants to make money now thats why the hottest certification from comptia needed to re-certify after every 3 years i would say nice move atleast they will stay alive in the market like cisco.
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