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  1. Hi Have anyone been and made a the test , lately?
  2. Hi I wonder if any know any good DevSecOps courses/books and what kind of certifications should be relevant ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone has took the exam?
  4. WOW awesome! Great share, thanks alot !
  5. Hi Does anyone got Symantec/Bluecoat/Broadcom Proxy SG for Vmware or any hypervisor? Also Im looking for license demo or trial. BR
  6. Hi Does anyone got the latest course books for PCNSA and PCNSE ? Please share. THanks in advance
  7. Hello all, Does anyone got Palo Alto PCNSE and PCNSA course books or any training videos? I will get partner account soon so hopefully maybe its there.. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, Im looking for ebooks or vidoes for following three courses.. Symantec ProxySG 6.7 Basic Administration Symantec ProxySG 6.7 Advanced Administration Symantec ProxySG 6.7 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting * Or any version.. Anyon got them, please share - Thanks!
  9. Hi Anyone got a vaild exam of CCSE R80 upgrade? Wil take it next week.
  10. Hey All, Can we have a group on any chat there we can help and discuss everything about CheckPoint? Would be really nice.
  11. Hi all, Do anyone got any Splunk training videos, offical or for example Udemy. The Complete Splunk Beginner Course, / [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance
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