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  1. when I start the .ova I am being asked for a bootstrap login for CentOS. What is this login?
  2. junosexpert.. I am going to use an unused server from work to use to study for JNCIE-SP.. vSRX and probably vMX when it works on ESXi. The server has two E5s and 128 GB RAM. I need to buy a SSD for it though. What size SSD do you recommend?
  3. 10 and 12 don't work on Mega and when I try to download 10 on Uploaded it gets blocked by chrome
  4. lambda

    SRXv 15.1

    Does anyone have a copy of 15.1 that doesn't expire? My copy of 12.1 does not expire. I have been trying to just upgrade my existing 12.1 VMto 15.1 in hopes that it won't expire but there is not enough disk space and I don't know how to expand the disk size.
  5. Link 10 doesn't seem to be working right now. Can you fix the link or can someone else share it?
  6. This is a link to someone who converted the qcow2 image to vmdk.
  7. Check the shares forum. The file format is .ova
  8. Can you technically use this VM indefinitely? I don't see a license expiration date.
  9. JNCIE-SEC bootcamp is now available. [Hidden Content]
  10. What are the main reasons to use Junosphere now? Switching?
  11. Public service announcement.. please stop trying to use virtualbox and gns3 for Juniper. It is just easier in vmware. esxi or workstation.
  12. That works. Thanks so much!
  13. Yes. I even created a new account and logged in with that. It does not let me download Firefly Perimeter. Can someone else please verify? [Hidden Content]
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