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  1. Unfortunately no, I rescheduled mine for 22nd and Im hoping to go through everything by that time..
  2. NEW QUESTION 182 At which layer does Cisco recommend the QoS trust boundary be set for an enterprise network environment? A. core layer, facing the distribution layer B. distribution layer, facing the access layer C. access layer, facing the end hosts D. distribution layer, facing the core layer Answer: C NEW QUESTION 186 Which option describes the function of an IPv6 flow label? A. serves as a management flow to easily monitor any TCP/IP session running over IPv6 B. serves as a 20-bit checksum per flow for authentication services built into IPv6 C. enables efficient IPv6 flow classification based only on IPv6 main header fields D. used by MPLS when the service provider core network is fully IPv6 enabled Answer: C NEW QUESTION 187 A network engineer wants to implement QoS in an environment in which GRE tunnels are used. The engineer creates a policy map to classify the traffic and applies the map to the physical interface. Despite a successful ping to the end of the tunnel, the counter of the class-map ICMP does not register a hit. How can the engineer fix this problem? A. enable QoS preclassify in the tunnel interface B. send the ping with source tunnel 0 C. send the ping with source F0/0 D. enable QoS preclassify in the physical interface Answer: A NEW QUESTION 189 What is a primary difference between QoS operations on IOS and IOS XR? A. IOS XR features multi-level LLQ B. IOS XR automatically polices the LLQ C. IOS XR does not support NBAR D. IOS XR cannot set FR-DE Answer: B NEW QUESTION 190 Drag and Drop You create an MPLS TE tunnel in IOS XR Software and want to configure forwarding on the tunnel. Drag the steps on the left to their correct order on the right. ......
  3. NEW QUESTION 177 A service provider runs MPLS in its core. What is the relationship between FIB, LIB, and LFIB in this environment? A. Data from the FIB and LIB tables is used to generate the LFIB. B. The FIB, LIB, and LFIB are populated independently. C. The LIB and FIB are populated with labels and next-hop attributes in the control plane and are used to populate the LFIB. D. The LFIB is populated with information from the IP routing table and is shared with the FIB and LIB to assign labels to the path. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 179 A company is experiencing congestion on Internet T1 links that transport site-to-site IPsec tunnels between head offices. QoS configuration is being modified on these T1 links. Which option describes the result from this QoS configuration? A. VPN traffic is unaffected because the inner ToS field is encrypted and hidden from the policy. B. The physical interface is affected by the new QoS configuration. C. The internal VPN logical interface reflects the new QoS service policy. D. IPsec protocol applications work independently of the QoS configuration. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 180 You are configuring MPLS LDP in a new network segment and notice that LDP sessions are discovered but no sessions are established. Which issue is preventing the establishment of the LDP neighbors? A. The loopback addresses of the label switch routers are unavailable. B. MPLS labels are not allocated for local routers. C. IP Cisco Express Forwarding is disabled on the label switch routers. D. An access link is blocking TCP port 711 on the MPLS routers. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 181 An engineer wants to implement constraint-based routing. Which MPLS application should the engineer use? A. Unicast IP routing B. MPLS VPN C. MPLS TE D. RSVP Answer: C
  4. found these.. NEW QUESTION 170 A service provider experiences routing issues in a customer MPLS network. The customer has two sites that are connected over its core. Which feature can be used for troubleshooting? A. Disabling of Cisco Express Forwarding, to enable the use of LSP Ping and LSP Traceroute to verify the IP routing path. B. Redistribution between the BGP IPv4 and VPNv4 address families, to use labels to forward the customer packets. C. LSP Ping, to confirm that the label-switched path is used for transport. D. Traceroute, to verify the label-switched path that is used for point-to-multipoint. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 171 Which two interface types can support qos pre-classify? (Choose two.) A. virtual templates B. tunnel interfaces C. FastEthernet D. FDDI Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 173 Which queuing mechanism should an engineer implement on delay sensitive categories of traffic? A. weighted fair B. priority C. low-latency D. weighted round-robin Answer: C NEW QUESTION 174 Which two options are able to perform the MPLS label distribution function? (Choose two.) A. manual tagging B. static C. LDP D. RSVP-TE E. CEF Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 175 A recent analysis of a service provider network infrastructure revealed the necessity to reinforce bandwidth control over all the 5 Mbps residential customer contracts. Which option is a viable solution to rate limit customer's bandwidth both upstream and downstream? A. class-based policing B. committed access rate on a per interface basis C. reserving 5 Mbps on Cisco MPLS TE tunnels that connect customers D. setting customer Ethernet links to 10 Mbps half-duplex Answer: C NEW QUESTION 176 A network architect recently deployed AToM solutions for large enterprises over a service provider core network. The architect now asks to deploy QoS over the same VPN to reinforce the SLA for these customers. Which MPLS label field can be used for this purpose? A. discard/eligibility field B. type of service C. last 8 bits D. experimental bits Answer: D
  5. @g0d, not sure how to do that?, I can't activate the chat part, I get an error..
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