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  1. Is this the latest one which you have uploaded?
  2. is it latest video ? plz advise.. thanks
  3. still valid Q till now, plz confirm thank you
  4. please see this forum. [Hidden Content] can somebody validate the Q&A those candidates are already passed/failed recently..thanks
  5. anybody passed from India..from 105Q.. many thanks you
  6. anybody passed from India..from 105Q.. many thanks you
  7. hey bro..105 is valid in India, please confirm so will appear 2moro morning..
  8. try now..else will find out any other way..
  9. Bro... there is 37Q difference from previous version, gone through some feedback/forum where people stated that 30-40 new Q are added in real exam.. for safer side. we should know before appearing the exam.. Cheers
  10. May I ask people who has failed written recently plz verify that if you got new questions from this file and comment. many thanks in advance
  11. please confirm, this is valid dumps.. can see 338 Q on AT
  12. 36. Set or Modify a Counter is missing, please upload it.. thanks
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