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  1. I am also interested....Please share with me also. Many thanks.
  2. Free? I guess I have to check it out....
  3. I scored 100% last week using july 177q pass4sure.
  4. Scored 100% on December 22. I used Pass4Sure 177 questions. Good luck.
  5. I passed ITIL today with score of 100%. i used Pass4Sure July2011 177q.
  6. Hello all: I am looking for a voucher for EX0-101 exam. Does anyone have a voucher that they do not plan to use? Please send PM with details. I would like to take the exam this month if possible. Thanks.
  7. tdogg2001

    ITIL V3 Advice

    Hello all: Has anyone passed ITIL V3 exam lately? Any advice that you have will be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Personally, I think congress has more important things to worry about. I dont think that bill will go very far.
  9. Hello all: I am searching for a voucher or discount code for Exam EX0-102(US Voucher). Any assistance will be deeply appreciated. Please leave me a PM and I will reply. Thanks in advance, Tdogg.
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