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  1. I can't find the "full release" - can somebody make a torrent? The whole pack is about: ~ 462.65GB See this image: [Hidden Content]
  2. link 1 is down. link 2 is working. link 3 is working.
  3. check this: [Hidden Content]
  4. hi! Do you have the 12.3X48-D101 or 12.3X48-D105 version?
  5. ipexpert-cciev5-with new missing videos [Hidden Content]
  6. working links: [Hidden Content] I'm looking for "ipexpert-cciev5-with new missing videos" - pls upload this again.
  7. working links: [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi! RP1 has "classic" images - (IP-BASE / IP-SERVICE/ ADV. ENTERPRISE) version IOS-XE 3.16.x RP2 has "classic" images (IP-BASE / IP-SERVICE/ ADV. ENTERPRISE) version IOS-XE 3.16.x RP2 has "universal" images -> IOS-XE 16.x, IOS-XE 17.x AFK the "universal" means "smart licensing", but those include the "honor" based feature? (example: crypto feature requires extra license) Can somebody tell me what is difference the between 3.16.x and 16.x /17.x in RP2? I dont have hardver to check this. Thx.
  9. Hi! cme-8.6 This is the last version that you can run on the 38xx/28xx series routers. [Hidden Content]
  10. Hi! Can you share the "c6500-fpd-pkg.155-1.SY3.pkg" ?
  11. Hi! Could you upload the latest versions? c3750e-universalk9-tar.152-4.E8.tar c3kx-sm10g-tar.152-4.E8.tar
  12. Hi You can download from the official website: [Hidden Content] The simulator is compatible with "Windows 7" only! PS: Windows 10 - compatibility mode will not work, you will end up with fancy errors.
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