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  1. First - its not discount its voucher for the exam. Second - if you not buying - dont reply. I am not fooling ppl as you can see from replies. Thanks.
  2. Some CCNP Core still on stock. Some already reserved or sold. PM me with the exam number so I can validate the voucher. Also possible to get the CCNP specialist 300-XXX vouchers. For multiple vouchers bought - I can give discount.
  3. I got new vouchers for CCNP CORE exams (350-XXX) and CCNP Specialist exams (300-XXX). Price is 325 USD for CORE and 225 USD for Specialist. PM me for detailed info.
  4. I have in stock now CCIE Lab vouchers, CCNP Core (all tracks) and CCNP Specialist ones (all tracks). if you need any CCNP/CCNP DevNet - PM me with exam number and I will reach you. Unfortunately - no CCNA vouchers available now.
  5. Thanks for feedback. Appreciate it. CCIE/CCNP vouchers still for sale. Prices are at first post.
  6. Some CCIE/CCNP vouchers still free (not reserved) to buy. PM me.
  7. Added offer for CCNP vouchers - since those can be used now with testing at home.
  8. I have 3 CCIE LAB vouchers available, which are not needed at this moment. Payment via PayPal. Vouchers are new - so validity 1 year. Price - CCIE LAB Voucher - $1275 per voucher EDIT - I also have multiple CCNP vouchers - for CORE exams (350-XXX) and Specialist exams (300-XXX) Price for CCNP Core exam voucher - 325 USD, For Specialist exam - 225 USD.
  9. Hello - passed exam few days ago and can confirm that those PDFs contains all the questions. It is possible to pass but its a close one - probably lots of wrong answers at dump.
  10. root0 shared it at different section - [Hidden Content] Check that out. "Patching" process is same as for old versions with 2 MAC address and token.
  11. Sayed - Can you tell which Torrent site? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that image. I can confirm its working perfectly at EVE-NG PRO. No issues - its booting pretty fast and clustering + multicontext working like charm. Good job
  13. Hello, Unfortunately ASAv doesn't support multiple context mode. Have a look on this web page - [Hidden Content] Unsupported ASA Features The ASAv does not support the following ASA features: Clustering Multiple context mode Active/Active failover EtherChannels Shared AnyConnect Premium Licenses
  14. Thanks for that. I can confirm that this file is fine and I was able to upgrade to ISE 2.3. Thank you.
  15. root0 - thanks for files to upgrade. Anyone lucky to upgrade to ISE 2.3 with provided upgrade bundle? Readiness check bundle working fine but upgrade bundle (ise-upgradebundle- wont install and showing error "% Unable to unbundle the package. It should be in tar.gz file format". I checked CRC against Cisco ones and seems that ise-upgradebundle- md5/sha512 CRC are different. Can someone confirm?
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