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  1. Hi people! I had a couple of questions. I'm studying at the moment for my CCNP wireless. I don't have too much practical experience with site surveys. I've watched Cisco live videos, read the CWNA book and several Cisco books... as well as design guides. but I think there are a lot of things which can only be known through experience... or at least I can find any info on them.. so maybe someone round here can help with these questions: 1) For a post deployment survey containing voice, data, video and location. Should the post validation be a multi-survey for each of these technologies... or would doing a post validation for just voice for example be enough as this covers the requirements for the other technologies (such as cell edge... although i suppose it doesn't account for triangulation for location). 2) Maximum hops for a CLIENT in mesh networks. I know outdoor mesh backhaul hops and recommended indoor hops for mesh networks... but cant find any info on specific requirements for Clients in the mesh network with regards to maximum/recommended hops.. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hey there everyone, I was wondering if anyone had linuxCBT Bash edition. I searched around on here but all links seem to be dead. Thank you and have a great Friday!
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