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  1. I believe that nobody is more used of dump in this forum, if anyone has any news, I appreciate the support in telling us.
  2. eduguido

    Cisco 500-490

    Hi Someone did this test recently?
  3. Hi Has anyone taken the exam recently?
  4. My friends, I got the 180q pdf and created a VCE. I am reviewing everything that was said regarding the doubts of the answers addressed in this dump beyond those reported as new, I will be doing the test on Monday 18th and I hope to have good results, as is my custom I try to help my fellow workers and with this I will also share here the maximum I can get from new information. However, the only question I have is to report dump 158 or 159q, does this dump make sense? If someone has something to add, please thank you, I only have one chance to renew my certification. Thank you
  5. Hi velramsen, Can you share the link again? thanks.
  6. Hi Has anyone done this exam recently?
  7. It is possible to convert the .ete extension to .pdf or .vce ?
  8. Good afternoon guys, Did anyone else use the dendritri dump and was successful on the exam? tks..
  9. JairG, Could you share the exam result?
  10. Guys, where i can get the new dump for 640-878? I'm searching for everywhere
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