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  1. I want to make my pc as ftp server. Just for study purpose only just a group of 10 people are going to upload and use it. My pc is on always and it have broadband connection. But problem is i got dynamic ip only. i heard it is possible with dynamic dns set us? is it? whe i search all asking for credit card. and even if i get every time i reboot my ip will change.Is it possible or any other solutions for this?
  2. If possible share those steps , bcz i will upload if i can remove the watermarks. Please share the steps and which tools to use.
  3. ya my friend also attempted he got old K6 lab but all other got new lab ...which means there is 1 % chance only new old lab ,,,cisco giving new lab to most people
  4. Just post numbers only, Please don't share New lab questions or experience in this thread because there is already an another thread regarding this. Just want to know are they giving new lab to all who attempting and to make sure is it right time or not for taking lab?
  5. Is it true that new lab introduced?
  6. oxzgan

    banwidth Limit

    I think i am wrong i think my configuration will work only if Physical link get congetsed as physical links is 100 mbps speed , i assiged police for 8 mbps PARENT policymap. will any one share correct configuration?
  7. oxzgan

    banwidth Limit

    Let me explain more about the issue router fa0/0 connecting to Internet Router fa0/1 connecting with switch and Switch have 2 or more vlans can say Vlan student and vlan office . Internet connection speed is 8 mbps and can say using fast ethernet cable which is 100 mpbs speed . i want 6 mpbs internet speed for Vlan office and 1 mpbs for Vlan Student. and rest 1 mbps for other vlans I think it is possible by this way below Created access list for vlan office and student access list 100 for office access list 101 for student vlan Then class-map office match ip address 100 class-map student match ip address 101 Policy-map CHILD class Office bandwidth percent 75 class Student bandwidth percent 12 class class-default bandsidth percent 12 policy-map PARENT class class-default police 8000000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop service-policy CHILD int fa0/1( port which is connecting router and switch ) service-policy output PARENT ANything wrong with this config? i done parent policy map for limiting bandwidth to 8 Mbps and child policy map for limiting bandwidth for VLANs.
  8. oxzgan

    banwidth Limit

    I can see you are using policing ,, and just one simple doubt .my physical connection from router to isp and router to switch all using 100 Mbps line ,,, will it get any issues bcz its greater than 2 mpbs internet connection speed
  9. oxzgan

    banwidth Limit

    consider access point on my office connected to Router and i am getting 2 mbps internet connection. i have many vlans such as OFFICE , STUDENT etc i want 1 Mbps connection to OFFICE vlan and for Student i i just need 54kbps connection My primary intension is To get High bandwidth for OFFICE users and,,, if office users getting 2 Mbps connection fully i am oky, But student must limit with 54 kpbs how to do this , is it with QOS , ratelimit or policing or can we do simply by Bandwidth command ?
  10. Hello which dumps are you guys studying old one with 615 questions? have anyone wrote after new fees implemnted ?
  11. ccie cert . but you buy it when u re ready to share ur cisco id with them they will ask.
  12. oxzgan


    Ya why You guys go before LINK GROUP leaving next hop , me too get IN policy when we use NEXT HOP
  13. oxzgan


    But that command is working only on 15 IOS,
  14. oxzgan

    4-2 DHCP

    1) configure dhcp server on R4 for clients under vlan 44 2) let's skip the main pool Creation i heard main pool is already configured mail pool is yy.yy.66.0/24 default router is yy.yy.66.6 3) ensure printer gets ip yy.yy.66.75 and use address after reboot. Got some doubts while creating DHCP Printer pool. Ex: ip dhcp pool PRINTER host yy.yy.66.75 /24 Hardwre address c203.07bf.0000 default router yy.yy.66.6 I tried this on GNS3 but hardware address cant get ip from DHCP static pool, i checked with clinet identifier it a Big number , not 01 added before mac address , then i am able to get the address which i want . But after reboot i cant get IP again. 1)So which should i use hardware address or clinet identifier? 2)clinet identifier is just 01 prepended before hardware address?
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