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  1. I usually don't commit questions to memory as it is not worth it. I used the student guides on here and that online Junos genius practise test and then went for it.
  2. doc11

    JNCIS JN0-362

    Yes, I did do it today and passed...halfway through it I felt like my money was disappearing fast over the horizon so only thing I could do was think it out
  3. I did it today. Totally different questions that I have not seen before.
  4. They are nowhere at the moment..I had to sweat it out today and passed though..
  5. I did it today and passed. Never seen all those questions so my knowledge was put through a good test I have to say Good luck with it though..it is passable.
  6. PCNSE7 - How are all these questions related to cisco IE service provider?
  7. Have you got this one? IBM Security QRadar SIEM Administration - BQ150G
  8. LOL you even mention, yourself, CoS does not work and then go on gum flapping. The fact that you have quoted all sorts of layer 2 crap just screams you have no clue what I was talking about and there is no point arguing with you. So enjoy. Let me know when CoS starts working in your "probable" assumption.
  9. Virtual anything cannot switch in hardware so there is zero chance you will do a full lab on your pc.
  10. I am actually not interested in copying someones workbook and I am actually finding them falling short for me. I am also not expecting nor want the actual lab to test here. We are forming our own free workbook. Come up with a test scenario. If it is good we are going to have a go at it.
  11. Rikitee, OK I am down for this. You are right on one thing, no point in wasting time and effort if you have no hardware to work on and I personally hate anything virtual. I don't fear this exam and I actually don't expect anyone done the lab to assist in anything meaningful. MAX 2 tries at this lab and the first being a decent shot at it but just get to understand what to expect. That's a cheaper option than the bootcamp anyway. Have you got a topology or scenario in mind we can build or come up with something nice to work on? I have got hardware in my house and the power consumption is no joke so no nonsense on this aspect. 4 APC PDU remote power on 8 M7i, set of IQ2 PICs, AS PICs, CFEB E, set of CFEB Services, assorted GE and FE PICs. One M10i in my garage gathering dust as i have no rack space left 4 SRX240 4 J2320 and other J series just there Set of cisco 3750s for the switching fabric 8 Cisco Routers 2 Terminal Servers 4 Rack Servers IBM & Fujitsu Siemens 1 SA2000 I intend to build remote pulse vpn if I get a static IP 1 SA700 converted to just a unix box running nagios, cacti, tacacs and other crap My idea is guys come up with several scenarios we can combine heads on and we can lab them where possible.
  12. Why would someone want pay you $200 when they can buy a course for $110 and get a free voucher?
  13. coolfujiboy asked for version 11a but some carrot head has decided to paste anything he could find and called it version 11a Version 11a was printed in January 2012. There is a section called "revision history" which couldn't be any clearer to see. I do have them but one problem they got a water mark screaming an email address. It proved to be a headache to remove so I stopped trying as it wasn't worth the time. Anyway if you know a nifty way to whack it off give me a shout.
  14. are you sure your license is valid? The license is not free. STRM just format and reinstall to get another month or buy the license.
  15. This has to be the most annoying share I have come across on here and most likely a demo of the dvd. What a joke. This is seriously a waste of time and broadband usage. 3-5 minutes per video. How on earth does someone label this screaming superrrrrrrrrrrr?
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