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  1. I can start a group. Who would like to be involved? Just Private me.
  2. I would be willing to work with anyone.
  3. The questions above you posted were alot on my test. I can not remember them exactly. I just got back from exam.
  4. Yeah it seems VCP was so much better.
  5. Yeah wish they say virtual or physical make it easier to answer! This is what I was thinking too! The VCSA I can see virtual then it would be esxi
  6. Management is where the default heartbeat is located.
  7. I would have said: 1. DNS (Because if the ESXi hosts are in VCSA are based off DNS name Example: esx1.lab.local 2. VCSA ( Need the DataBase) 3. Platform Services Controller (License, SSO, Permissions and So one) 4. ESXi Hosts ( Reason I feel this way as it would make sense this to be next to last especially if business applications rely on HA,DRS, and so on.) 5. Business Applications
  8. Netflow and Port Mirroring. These are the tools to use. This was also on the horizon 7 test. These were the answers there.
  9. I know from experience that it has to be hardware version 11. I have tested this in the past. I will set it up in my lab though and find out.
  10. This is what we do for the Windows 10 in Horizon.
  11. I am in also. I planned to sit in the exam in a week or two so I can really let everyone know.
  12. Did you use the answers from here? Reason I ask is I purchase from Pass4Sure and the answers there are different from here. If so I will use the pass4sure.
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