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  1. You are welcome, no idea about ESA mate.
  2. Hi Folks, After searching for several days finally I was able to find a working WSA Trial Licence. [Hidden Content]
  3. Oh, great! I'll have a look at it.
  4. Got it somewhere else, and successfully upgraded to 2.6 with all working lic
  5. Hi Kamui, Following your tutorial, I installed and patched ISE 2.0 Successfully, however there are no seeders for ise-upgradebundle-2.0.x-2.3.x-to- . Can you please provide a different dl link? I already download the ise-upgradebundle-2.1.x-2.4.x-to- but I guess I cannot directly jump to 2.1 bundle skipping 2.0 bundle.
  6. Make sure that there is just a single folder in Eve-qemu: firepower6-ftd-6.3.0-83>hda.qcwo2
  7. Include me as well, mine is in September.
  8. You turned out to be a savior yet again . Take your time !
  9. I've faced the same problem after the new 1.2.2- update except routers are working but the cloud isn't . And Index page is missing .
  10. Today when I opened iou-web , I got notified that there's a new update available or 10 I don't remember , however I updated my iOU but after update the index page isn't showing up and I thought there are multiple clouds supported in this new version but to my amazement the existing cloud also stopped working . Any clues ?
  11. CCP is unable to connect to iOU and gives the following error " the device is not supported " But ACS works fine .
  12. I'm so glad to know that its just a matter of month , why sorry mate ? What you guys are doing is pure public service and deserve a lot more praise . We can wait for months or even more for things like this , actually it should have been cisco's responsibility to provide a platform for educational purpose as they are earning millions of $$ on certifications alone. In between I just wanted to know that whether its a risk to connect the IOU machine to the internet as its a cisco's internal product and its full of legal warnings . I red somewhere that at boot up the IOU devices tries to connect anonymous servers and obviously those could be cisco's , I'm not so sure about it though . Anyways , is it true ?
  13. Now my eyes are on the up coming release !
  14. Is it possible to connect more than one device to cloud in iou web ? This is what I did , I connected a layer 3 switch to the cloud and 3 routers are connected to the mentioned l3 switch . All the routers are able to get ip addresses from DHCP server(on cloud ) but out of 3 only 1 router is able to access my home network and internet . Any suggestion ?
  15. Hi , guys . Did anyone of you ever thought of making your real/GNS3/iOU topology online and couldn't do it ? So that you can access(telnet,ssh) your topology via computer or smartphone/tablet from any geographical location. Certainly I always wanted to setup things this way but never really found a good tutorial on it , So I had to do it myself and I'm sure that if not all of you then at least some of you will really appriciate a quick & easy tutorial on this . And that is what this post is all about. Just download the pdf , follow the instructions , and get it done [Hidden Content]
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