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  1. Just passed now 100% questions are from vce/pdf file. score 960.. please let me know if anyone have lab material.
  2. Thanks for shearing VCE file.. I have exam tomorrow evening. let me know if any update.
  3. passed today 22 Oct.. all valid 9xx score
  4. guys, today one of my friend attempt in DXB and he got lab 4 ... its 80% same as lab 2 even topology is same but task 6 to 8 new task.
  5. I am really interested but I can't PM 1. Current Certifications held/exams passed . CCNA , CCVP , etc lot of specialization 2. CCIE Voice Written passed (yes/no) ... yes 3. Month you passed CCIE voice written or month you plan to take it ... passed 4. Years of experience with Cisco Voice products ... 7 year 5. Most used Cisco voice product (CUCM, Unity, Presence, UCCX) ... CUCM and UCCX 6. Least used Cisco Voice product ... CUCM 7. Month you plan to take CCIE Voice Lab .... Oct-2013 8. Rack equipment at home or rental? Which vendor are you using for rental? .... full at home 9. Vendor workbooks you are using for CCIE voice preparation. .... CVL 10. Would you prefer weekly webex, weekly or daily lab post discussion, or video walkthroughs? .... yes why not 11. Best times that you have available if you would like to be involved in a weekly webex ... (GMT + 4) 11:00PM to till night 12. Country you are located ..... UAE
  6. I will suggest you not buy Video soluation of Faisal Khan its totally useless as he not have updated labs .. I buy my self thats why I know..
  7. dear jh041497 , kindly let me know there was any thing new in the lab as CVL current labs ?
  8. I am also planning for CCIE voice lab soon in 2013.. I already arrange complete lab hardware (complete rack) at home .. now searching for some partner and labs and material .. any one want to join me and share... plz PM me
  9. Dear SS, kindly let me know about your stuff .. can you mention in detail what I will get in 125$ .. also mention the date of you last update.. I am really interested.. your quick reply will be appreciated… Regards, Owais Siddiqui
  10. PM me if anyone interested to share the materiel and study.. I am in UAE/ Sharjah..I have full lab at home and I have INE and IPexpert and VoiceBootCamp all of VoD Class ... I have plan in next 3 month..
  11. just last week I bought Dell 1950 III PowerEdge 2 Quad-Core 2.5GHz 16GB RAM 2x 160GB HDDs in 650.00 $ and and Running 2xCUCM, 2xCCX, UC, CUPS, AD/EXCH, XP ... its COOL
  12. I am going for same schedule May ~ june 2012 ... any want to join me ? recently i bought the complet rack,.
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