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  1. I know, What i am looking is, anyone knows, some valid dumps vendor name or version, So that can search for the same product.
  2. Any one got valid Written dumps?
  3. ccieblg

    CCDE Written & LAB 2016

    Anyone got valid written dumps/vendor name.
  4. This week singapore got LAB3
  5. Bangalore also LAB 3 (LAB1+) got for one person...
  6. I also have friends passed recently but not in Beijing & HK. Here i am talking only about HK & Beijing locations
  7. I am not understanding what is your problem. why you are using this type of words... If you don't want to believe, just leave it....
  8. Sure, i am also expecting the question from my friend.. i will be getting this week & will share here
  9. this is what i was telling from begining.... HK & Beijing have new labs...Since i don't have questions, everyone is shouting on me.... My intention was, just skip these two lab locations.. this is 100% true, HK & BJ is using new labs
  10. Do you have LAB in HK next week?
  11. Yes, New lab only in Beijing so far. Note: Please don't ask, did u do the exam in Beijing, is it yours friend's friend did the exam, is it rumor, why you are not providing the questions etc...... So far i don't have questions, once i get can share in this forum
  12. in my Exam, some ports are concerted to FC, need to do remaining.... ex: FC 2/2 to 16 is converted. So we need to convert FC 2/1 also
  13. 7K-3 & 7K-4 need to apply "fabricpath-isis-metric" command, since need only 1 link each towards 5K-1 & 5K-2. It is a best practice to configure the same on other side of the link also (5K-1 & 5K-2). So 5K to 7K you will be getting only one link (i have done the same & passed recently)
  14. i passed my other CCIE track in mobile lab & two friends passed DC in mobile labs...no difference
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