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  1. can't download this file. It's like a spam or something. Is there another way of sharing?
  2. Didn't understand what u said. DO you have the written with 200q?
  3. Looking as well. Please share if you have questions.
  4. Hi guys, anyone with CollabCert LMS and workbooks that can share here? thank you.
  5. Still hard to believe. Someone with 2 posts saying that exam changed. I don't know, I do not believe...
  6. Who told u the exam changed??? I've heard this is a spam attack from people trying to get money...
  7. guys, having trouble when using VMWare Fusion. Can't get ip.
  8. Guys, I have two questions here that having doughts: Which two parameters are requested in an Audit Endpoint message from a Cisco Unified CM to an endpoint on a MGCP gateway? (Choose two.) A. Capabilities B. Connection ID C. Bearer Information D. Connection Parameters E. Connection Mode F. Call ID and Which two parameters in the reply of an MGCP gateway to an Audit Endpoint message, indicate to a Cisco Unified CM that it has an active call on an endpoint? (choose two) A. Connection Parameters B. Capabilities C. Connection ID D. Bearer Information E. Connection Mode F. Call ID can someone help here? for the first one i think is A and B based on the link below: [Hidden Content]
  9. Anyone able to install IOU on VMware Fusion? Somehow I can''t get any ip??
  10. Another one: Q56. Which parameter in an NTFY message is used by a cisco mgcp gateway to inform a cisco unified cm that an analog endpoint has gone off-hook? Event states Detect events Observed events Connection mode Requested events Answer: C Actual test is calling for B.
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