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  1. Another bogus or otherwise worthless "offer."
  2. I'm currently looking for network engineer position, and I've interviewed many times. I thought it would be helpful to post some interview questions that we've encountered in the hopes that it'll better prepare us for our next interview. Here are some questions I've gotten when interviewed by the hiring manager(s): 1. Explain how spanning tree works. 2. A customer is complaining of slow speeds. What would you check? a. Check on the interface facing the customer for CRC errors and dropped packets. b. check for a duplex mismatch. 3. You're getting interface resets. What would you do to fix it? a. Interface resets indicate that the port bounced. Basically you have a bouncing circuit. Media converters (like Omnitrons) are usually the culprit and need to be checked. 4. Know your TCP/UDP ports and numbers. 5. Know your administrative distances for the routing protocols.
  3. No one seems to know who has a valid dump. In the last year or two all the valid dumps seem to have evaporated.
  4. I was willing to pay for the Pass4Sure dump if it meant getting the right dump for the CCNA test. I emailed them to ask about the test, and their response to something to the effect that their questions and answers don't reflect the actual questions. I was like, "what the - ?!" Then why am I buying your dump? Or was the response just some kind of plausible deniability in case I work for Cisco or something? If Pass4Sure doesn't have the test questions, who does?
  5. I don't mind paying for a test, but only if it's an accurate dump. I've studied all I can and want to dump the theory questions and what's not in the book. Problem is, there are so many fly-by-night sites pushing their dubious dump tests that I can't be sure has the real thing. [btw, DON'T buy anything from getexamdump.com. English obviously isn't their native language, their tests are horribly written and formatted, and they sent me the wrong test! Four of the questions on their test had no answers. Their "money-back guarantee" is worthless when they won't even respond to your emails and instant messages!]
  6. I have a practice test but it's a .vce file. What's the easiest way to open this? Better yet, convert it to a .pdf?
  7. What does a "relevant resource" mean exactly? There are lots of relevant resources for the CCNA test all over the Internet.
  8. Either no one is paying for dump questions, or no one is revealing them. I emailed TestKing about their dumps, and they said that their questions are for study only and don't reflect the actual test. No one seems to know where - or if - there's a dump with the test questions anymore.
  9. People misunderstand the dumps. I study as much as possible, THEN rely on the dumps to get me past the test questions that are core-of-the-earth deep or absurdly abstract that I'd never otherwise get right from studying. Obviously, a dump that doesn't have any questions on the exam is useless. But I have yet to find this year a free dump online that had a single question on the exam. I'm willing to pay for a good dump, but not if none of the questions are on the test I'm taking. If anyone can recommend a good, paid dump, please let me know. I'd prefer to recertify my CCNA before the revamped test in February.
  10. These questions will result in a failed test. I studied from them and failed my test. Do not use this site as a dump.
  11. I've failed two Cisco tests recently depending on online dumps that were unverified. Unfortunately, I would only trust a dump that I paid for myself and that I knew was updated, unless I just want to pour good money after bad.
  12. I have no idea what you just said.
  13. Have you used it? If so, did you find it accurate when you took the test?
  14. If you're willing to cough up the money to buy a dump, what is the most accurate one? Has anyone paid for one and found most of the test questions on that dump? There's so many out there it's hard to know which to use. I've been burned several times from the free dumps I've found while roaming online. It's more like rolling dice now and hoping I found the right one - but at $300 a pop for the test, I can't afford to not get it right. And with February getting closer and a total revamp of the CCNA test, I need to get this taken care of right away.
  15. Failed the test, and it wasn't close. None of the questions from the site I mentioned in my original post were on it. Zero. And the other dumps I managed to find online pretty much had the same questions at that site. I wouldn't trust any of the questions at examtopics.com to be on any of the exams. I might trust a pay-for-a-dump site, but I've never done that before.
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