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  1. Just Google "Ninjutsu OS". There's even .torrents of it !
  2. That's one of the few things that we can be shure of !!!
  3. Links don't last long. It looks like someone is on top of it to report the share ! Perhaps it will only work with .torrent .....
  4. The last link does not work
  5. Does anyone knows where to download Fortigate images to run in GNS3 ?
  6. Hi ciscoved I can't see or download anything
  7. No one has any of this courses ?? Best regards
  8. I believe that you need to register the FTD with the Management Center before you can see the file .health_monitor.data in /etc/sf At least that was what happened in my case.
  9. Hi Anyone already tried if this trick works in v3.2.1l or in v3.2.1m ??? Best regards !!
  10. hi marcusjones Just tried to download the file from omarjoseph and it worked perfectly for me. Best regards
  11. Hi boydreamer. The torrent from delideli12345 works perfectly.
  12. hi jelena99 Which dump did you use ? Thank you
  13. Hi heracliosan Do you know if the dump is useful for the exam of the CCSA R80 exam? Thank you
  14. Any news about this exam ??? Is this valid ? I'm thinking about taking the exam in two weeks. Thank you all
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