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  1. also interested here in any material from the new collab exam just released recently...
  2. Currently requesting latest version for PC if possible...
  3. Popperlau

    VCE Player

    seconded, I need this as well
  4. Did nobody passed the 300-075 recently?
  5. Hi everyone, I´ve been working over the past 6 years in the world of Cisco VoIP, I have a CCNP Voice and wish to move to the new collaboration track, hopefully by becoming CCIE Collab. Not really stressed out, not in a rush, but I´m looking already for any vendor/company that provides online 24h access to remote racks and lab environments that are similar to the ones in the real lab. Can anyone advise on which training provider will be the best for this? Thanks buddies, and good luck to you all on your exam preparation.
  6. I think study guides & materials are not even released yet...
  7. some new materials are already available !! does anyone own those? thanks !!
  8. can someone please post the full magnet link? my client is unable to parse it...
  9. Hi all, does someone have or know where to find the videos for this series: [Hidden Content] thanks in advance,
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