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  1. My default PDF reader is SumatraPDF which can read about any electronic book format that I encounter. but yeah, I guess most use Adobe's PDF reader and thus epub/mobi/DjVu/... are not an option.
  2. I am also looking for this one. I really do not understand why people conert the epub to PDF. I hate reading those PDFs.
  3. Is your name printed in the header/footer or is it splattered all over the page? If it's in the header/footer, we can come up with a solution to cut the header/footer from the PDF and thus remove your name from it.
  4. Yes, this is still valid. I passed last Friday with 9xx.
  5. That book is from 2008 and covers version 2.4 of the kernel. They're now at version 5 so I doubt this book has any value left except for a historical one.
  6. On LibGen I could find all books of the IT mastery series except for the following: DNSsec mastery (vol. 2) Storage essentials (vol. 4) PAM mastery (vol. 10) So should anyone have these, it would be superb if you could share them.
  7. I never heard of Library Genesis so thank you a million for that valuable resource! I was able to find most of the books already. There are some challenges with the company proxy server blocking most of the URLs and the ISPs are blocking quite a few links as well. But I'll get there!
  8. The book on ZFS is easy to find online but the others are not. Does anyone have any of the other books as a PDF? FreeBSD mastery: Storage essentials FreeBSD mastery: Specialty filesystems FreeBSD mastery: Advanced ZFS HTTPd and Relayd mastery Sudo mastery ... Thanks in advance.
  9. The first page is the cover image, and the second page starts with "About this ebook. ePUB is an open, industry-standard..." Furthermore, one can generally tell from the page layout. Regarding your link, I don't have premium either so no luck there.
  10. Thanks. but it is a PDF converted from epub which I already had (as stated in my request).
  11. I only heard about Security Onion once in that podcast but never heard from it again. I thus have no clue how big the community is nor know anything about their trainings and/or certifications.
  12. Tommetje


    I would not use FreeBSD in a container. I was talking about installing it as a VM so you can get experience with it. I installed it natively on my servers and personal laptop.
  13. How can you not know whether it's working or not? Simply start a computer with DHCP and then check DNS to see whether it got updated or not.
  14. Tommetje


    Docker images of FreeBSD require FreeBSD as your host so you can't run FreeBSD in a docker container on Windows or Linux. So that means running FreeBSd in VirtualBox or VMware Player/Workstation. See also: [Hidden Content]
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