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  1. hi need mega.nz mirror for "LinuxAcademy - RedHat certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostic" [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] whenever I try to download from google drive, I get quota exceeded for this file, you can't download at this time ! also Launch your first OpenShift Operator [Hidden Content] Udemy - kubernetes certified administrator by School of DevOps [Hidden Content]
  2. I found mega-nz links for openshift course ... [Hidden Content]
  3. Anybody has the following courses, please share a torrent or mega-nz links [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  4. hello, RHEL, epel, CentOS no longer has ansible 2.3! what is the Ansible version for EX407?
  5. please share RH403 [Hidden Content]. com/en/services/training/rh403-red-hat-satellite-6-administration
  6. +1 for RH442 performance tuning. please reupload
  7. Yassin


    torrent for RH442-en-2-20111219 [hide][Hidden Content]] anyone please reupload the following: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thanks
  8. Yassin


    dead links. please reupload
  9. Yassin


    dead links. please reupload
  10. Yassin


    dead links. please reupload
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