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  1. The book will be released on Mar 23 2020. Please share the e-books (epub, pdf, mobi) if you have it !!! [Hidden Content] Hiding content of [REQ] thread for the purpose of getting thanks will be dealt strictly... please avoid repeating the same.... removed hide tags
  2. c3560cx-universalk9-mz.152-7.E.bin [Hidden Content]
  3. Is there a a live link with subtitle? I am not a good English speaker
  4. just need 70-740,741,742 premium vce files ! Thanks anyway to the valuable MOC
  5. Yes, Please share this premium packages !!
  6. Do not ask members for PM. Whatever you want to share, share it in the Share Section of our forum.
  7. HAProxy, on the other hand, is built for load-balancing, and supports round robin (with weighting) a static round robin approach least connections first server available bucketing based on source bucketing based on URI bucketing based on a URL parameter bucketing based on an HTTP header bucketing based on a cookie Whether or not Varnish's load-balancing is sufficient depends on your needs, but it certainly hasn't superseded HAProxy.
  8. Can you please share the PCAP-31-02 Actual Tests v12.75 ? Thanks muchh
  9. Thanks for your confirmation I did queried mysql but nothing was shown up. I restarted the FMC and then tried again, BRAVO!
  10. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve MGR_UUID and MGD_UUID ???
  11. Please download to increase more seeds, guys! Thanks so much for your kindness, root0!
  12. use this [Hidden Content] to convert your own VM into qcow2 and then import it into EVE
  13. EVE-NG team is good but I prefer GNS3 VM as its community support is awesome and FREE for ALL.
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