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  1. Hello All, I have a question question for you guys. At the moment i'm looking to buy or do something with my old laptop. My question is what kind of laptop should I buy if I'm going to be studying, and getting certs. I will be running virtual box with multiple OS images on the drive. I want for them to run nice and smooth. What is good laptop for all that stuff I will be loading and practicing?
  2. I was also thinking about going back to linux. I tried fedora a long time ago but gave up since my job just wanted me to learn windows. Now that windows is boring for me. I would like to return to linux since I'm looking to get into security or networking. Right now I work in the I.T dept as a help desk and maintain the servers on updates and stuff. Since I have win7 on my laptop would it be a good idea to add vmaware or virtual box on it? Or should I setup other workstation and connect with a terminal connection and pratice that way? Any suggestions would be great. Plus what linux Dist would be good for a new bee Fedora or Ubunto? I used the very old fedora but didn't like how a new version came out you had to do a full install rather then just an upgrade.
  3. Yes my boss wants me to learn security and networking. Right now I just work in the IT dept doing help desk and other task with servers.
  4. Some good info on here. I also want to learn . I been working in IT about 5 yrs on different things but now I really want to get into security. I don't have a cert so I'm looking forward to the CEH7 .
  5. I will have to try some of the option above... Since I just upgraded my laptop to Win7 Ultimate.
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