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  1. demenx

    cisco 700-751 dumps

    Hi, the previous 50 questions are valid, but some answers are wrong. Here's my contribution: QUESTION 7 Which three statements regarding Mobility Express are true? (Choose three.) A. Runs wireless LAN controller function on an access point B. Ideal for sites with up to 200 access points and 2000 clients C. Provisioning to configure the controller D. Supported on all Wave 2 access points E. Supports simple Over-the-Air F. Supports Workgroup Bridge mode of operation Old Answer: ABE Correct answer: ADE QUESTION 13 Which statement is true regarding cloud, mobile and big-data disruption of existing business models? A. 100% of the business networks analyzed by Cisco teams have traffic going to websites that most malware. B. 84% of enterprises are experiencing endpoint device growth in remote sites. C. The branch is seeing 73% growth in mobile devices and 20 to 50% increase in bandwidth per year. D. 78% of executives state that achieving digital transformation to meet customer demand in the next two years in critical. Old Answer: C Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18 Which are two features of the Cisco 1100 or 4000 series ISR router product lines? (Choose two.) A. Unified communications with series build apps for Cisco TDM B. Advanced LTE backup connectivity offering network resiliency for business continuity C. Cloud-based hardware management D. Limited connectivity options E. 50 to 200 Mbps WAN connections with rich branch services - the same services found at HQ Old Answer: AB Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 38 Which two statements proves that Cisco USC C125 M5 rack server node provides more performance? (Choose two.) A. 188% more cores per rack than our most dense rack servers B. 20% more cores per rack than our most dense rack servers C. 20% more storage per rack than our most dense rack servers D. 50% more servers per rack than our most dense rack servers E. 128% more cores per rack than our most dense rack servers Correct Answer: DE Correct Answer: CDE* (it must be a typo error here because there are 3 correct answers here)
  2. HI, Please any update? Let us know if you pass the exam
  3. has anyone an updated dump? plz share
  4. Interested, Please, is there a new dump?
  5. Hi guys, Is there an dump updated?
  6. Hi Guys, Cause there is no a reliable dump to pass this R&S, I looked for another written specialist. I did that and I passed the sec written last week. Well... I have to keep forwarding with this topic then... lol
  7. Awesome. If you don't buy any dump, what link do you use it? Do you refer to this link? [Hidden Content] There are (446 Q&A)... Let us know bro and by the way, congratulation!
  8. demenx

    YES! We Passed !!

    Congrats!, what is the official web for spoto?
  9. Hi guys. It seems the link is broken. Can be re-upload it please?
  10. Hi, Thanks akochanov, but gigapeta.com is very slow... just 40 Kbps. Can you upload it in other site?
  11. For this question there is no specific link to support it, but It is supported on SVI Router ISR. Here the info: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over Ethernet (PPPoE) Provides PPPoE client support for a device (such as a DSL modem) connected to the switch port; typically used when the SVI is the only interface available to provide backup using the external device [Hidden Content]
  12. I passed this exam man, this is my way to help others and learning the real answer, but I can understand that you're that type of engineer.
  13. Hi guys, With Argentina dump you can pass with 94x, but it you want to improve your score, change the answers for the following questions: Which three types of behaviour does an OSPFV3 IPV6 AF-capable router exihibit when a non-Af-capable router attemps to fore an adjacency?(Choose three) A. LSA are honored B. DBD are not honored C. DBD are honored D. Hellos are not honored E. Hellos are honored F. LSAs are not honored Argentina Answer: B,D,F Correct Answer: A,C,E [Hidden Content] What are two general SDN characteristics? (Choose two.) A. The separation of the control plane from the data plane. B. Northbound interfaces are open interfaces used between the control plane and the data plane. C. Southbound interfaces are interfaces used between the control plane and the data plane. D. OpenFlow is considered one of the first Northbound APIs used by SDN controllers. E. OVSDB is an application database management protocol. Argentina Answer: AB Correct Answer: A,C [Hidden Content] Which are the three recommended steps to implement your Risk-based IoT Security Program? (Choose three) A. Formalize B. Implement C. Assess D. Troubleshoot E. Analyze F. Optimise Argentina Answer: B,C,E Correct Answer: A,B,C [Hidden Content] What are three interface types or submodes on which a PPPoE client can be started? (Choose three.) A. Serial B. Loopback C. GRE tunnel D. Ethernet E. SVI F. ATM PVC Argentina Answer: B,C,E Correct Answer: A,B,C Good luck guys
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