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  1. I remember there was a section called "Tools" that had the ExamSuite tools in it. Has the tool section gone?
  2. Where is this group, I cannot find it on Discord or Reddit?
  3. Have there been any fulfilled requests in this thread recently?
  4. Thanks Mavis, Is there a more manual method of copy the actual application file or files?
  5. I know this is probably the wrong section but it is the closest match i could find. Sadly On-Labs are no more. I have A+ VCE installed on an Android phone and would like to migrate it to a new phone. I cannot use the Google Play store because the App no longer exists there. Is there a manual way to migrate it? Perhaps an APK file is available?
  6. Are you sure, I've checked the link on the front page and can see no mention of buffer overflow?
  7. Just in case anyone else is searching; [Hidden Content]
  8. Thanks, so it looks like a credit card is a good form of secondary ID
  9. Apart from Passports what the allowed forms of ID for VMware exams?
  10. Thanks but Nitroflare has lots of popups, would you be able to upload to a different sharing site?
  11. Does anyone know of an A+ VCE .apk file ?
  12. It's $5,500 or 99,500 rupees for the basic package for a year $7000 for the standard package. This is not available in India
  13. That's a lot of money anywhere. Is it lifetime or just a year ?
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