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  1. Hi, Occasionally I do get Access Denied error when I access the forums and it retains for a day almost. It never happened while actively using the forum. Sometimes when I revisit the forum after few days I encounter this error. any clue why I'm encountering this error?
  2. what's in "PWB-BOOK-v3.3-MASTER_CJH.pdf" ... same LAB PDF?
  3. Hola, I didn't claimed that I created this torrent. In previous SPSE thread people were screaming for torrent file. I just aimed to keep seeding this torrent for my fellows and let them know. Ok Everyone! @DARKKMAUL OR @Zenji is the real creator of this torrent. We should be thankful to him. P.S. I'm only seeding this torrent to keep it alive.
  4. Hi, I'm seeding the torrent for SPSE Videos. Help in increasing seeds. Magnet Link: [Hidden Content] It's a Magnet Link. Copy it and paste it as URL for example in Bittorrent, or configure your browser to open magnet links. Thanks @lefreak1979. P.S. I'm not the creator of this torrent file. I'm just seeding it.
  5. EDITED: Sorry, It was meant to be posted in Security Shares section. Follow the thread in Security Share section. [Hidden Content]
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