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  1. Thanks for share. This topic needs good handon knowledge for real experience and building deployment usecase
  2. Resharing, Credit to original uploader. [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Simply don't update. keep using old version till possible. Mine old version still working
  4. MAC OS Vce Player [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. For torrent, please create multiple smaller zip files, of 4GB or lesser each, my system does not allow bigger size. Ideally split at 1GB will be best.
  6. yes download and install latest version, then inside % Appdata%\local\pluralsight folder simply delete old folder app-1.0.XXX and paste downloaded old folder app-1.0.242 . Also now find decrypting software version 1.5 which is GUI, easy to work with.
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