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  1. yes download and install latest version, then inside % Appdata%\local\pluralsight folder simply delete old folder app-1.0.XXX and paste downloaded old folder app-1.0.242 . Also now find decrypting software version 1.5 which is GUI, easy to work with.
  2. There are multiple group on discord, find joining links on reddit. Also lot of groups on telgram also.
  3. Download Any Skillshare Premium Course Using Google Colab (No Skillshare Account Needed) To Your Google Drive Account. Website has of of graphics training videos [Hidden Content] Thanks to original coder and person who hosted it. Do leave comments if it work. Enjoy till this exploit is patched.
  4. Thanks for sharing update link, New link contains courses till W1 to W47, Additional Exploit Pack Training , API Hacking (Offensive and Defensive) W48 onwards are missing
  5. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Unable to download, No seeders. if you can also upload to google drive OR mega.nz
  7. Please upload to mega. currently only for premium users.
  8. Excellent book for cissp. Ofcouse valid for lot of topics. Better to use this book along with Sybex-CISSP official study guide-8th ed
  9. Which website do you want to download video. Each website have different methods. Try firefox addons Video DownloadHelper by mig works in most cases.
  10. To download videos from plural$ight , use offline player to download video. This videos are encrypted , Use utility from github to decrypt video files. (Window Based) Process: [Hidden Content] Download all files from mega.nz folder and follow steps below Step 1: Install offline Player- latest version Step 2: downgrade official offline plural$ight offline player to version 1.0.242 (simply replace folder) Step 3: unzip DecryptPlural$ightVideos_v1.3 to Desktop, search for v1.5 which is GUI Step 4: start command prompt and go to folder on Desktop where DecryptPlural$ightVideos_v1.3 was unzipped. Step 5: Modify command as per your actual folder location and paste at command prompt. Example given in txt file in below given mega link For Ud3my [Hidden Content] (All OS-Windows,Linux,MAC) Have created copy and can be downloaded from mega.nz [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Udemy - Complete Python Bootcamp Go from zero to hero in Python 3/ Pluralsight.Image.Classification.with.PyTorch-XQZT/ Udemy - Advanced JavaScript Concepts/ Udemy - Learn Blender 3D Modeling for Unity Video Game Development/ Udemy - The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018)/ Udemy - The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity/ Udemy - Wilmer Lin - Make-a-puzzle-match-game-in-unity/ [hide][Hidden Content]] OR Torrent Link [hide][Hidden Content]] Credits to Original up-loaders. Do not have any controls on any of links
  12. ***For Pdf Shared by totoxic, Believe following have wrong Answers [Hidden Content] Q44 and Q58 are same Q29 - Virtual Machines can run directly on Hypervisor. Containers need underlying operating system Wrong Answers - inputs from members welcomed Q31 Q42 Q78 Q82 Q93 *** Expect few more question as per @freddyk1428 [Hidden Content] 1. D&D with UCS Director, UCS Manager and Intersight - which does what 2. What bash commands used to rename all files in a folder to their SHA256 version 3. You have a network of 5 servers and 50 pc - why would you subnet ?
  13. Please use alternative link in same post. its direct video files.
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