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  1. my account only allow to download 6.0 version, not 6.5 Is there any place I could try the version 6.5 ?
  2. mephistopoa

    Citrix Homelab

    I mean, without using a TS license server
  3. mephistopoa

    Citrix Homelab

    so I can use a xenapp server for a whole year for testing? What about TS licenses ? I need to test Citrix but without the TS licenses it won't allow remote connection on citrix, right?
  4. Hum, will try to download later then
  5. Looking forward for it too
  6. mephistopoa

    Citrix Homelab

    Have you guys got any work around the 90 days limitation of xenapp 5 and 6? I need to use it for longer to practice
  7. Hi mate, did you manage to get it uploaded? Thanks
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