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  1. because i asked for it and i don't have it? if i had it i would've shared it here...
  2. hey people, does anyone happens to have the new pentester academy courses about windows internals and usages? Windows Process Injection for Red-Blue Teams and Windows System Programming: Fundamentals (stil going) ? the iot arm reversing could've been nice, but they hadn't progressed a bit with it in the last months and the video listing seems quite basic now. additionally, if anyone has modern information about hooking and persistence in either linux/windows or iot, i would be more than happy to study it, and i am sure many other people as well. thank you very much!
  3. thanks, it really helps. do you happen to have stuff about rootkit or exploit development or iot stuff or advanced red team courses? hard to come by good material nowadays
  4. i think it's a fake link and i hope not from a hazardous site. i tried to download several times with several browsers and it acts as if it generates a link, but it does nothing(except maybe doing bad stuff - which i hope it doesn't do)
  5. no need for videos, just the pdf :)
  6. could you share the pdfs/videos with us? it will help people to want to help you
  7. can anyone share this course? it seems really nice and i believe can help many people here link to official course page: thank you in advance
  8. waiting for it as well, if i see it around i will share links
  9. anyone got the videos or the labs of the course? really want to check them out
  10. they released two courses: a lite version and the full version. this is the full version, and i think that someone already shared the lite version before
  11. you are right, my mistake. added a link to the udemy page
  12. hey guys, i saw the following on some other site and wanted to share here so people can enjoy it as well. please upload the files to mega/gdrive/anon so other people can enjoy it as well. [Hidden Content] enjoy!
  13. This course sounds interesting and can help many people with kernel research. i hope he also gives some cool tricks that make this course special. he says he worked at tencent for 5 years, so it has the potential of being interesting at gaining insights or learning new ways of inspecting the kernel. i bet many people would want this course as well here to begin with kernel debugging and research, so share if you have it. thanks course link:
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