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  1. Hi guys I wanted to post about a new wifi security certification that was recently started. SecurityTube released their first fully online certification - "SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert"(SWSE) . The most interesting thing and key difference from other certifications, is that they are giving out the entire course material free of charge! You only pay if you need the certification. If you are a hobbyist or a causal security enthusiast, the course material is free for you The SWSE is based on the Wi-Fi Security Megaprimer which we posted about a while back: [Hidden Content] Full details of the certification is available here: [Hidden Content] For an introductory price of $200 till October 15th, 2011 (only limited seats), they are providing all of the following: - Lifetime access to the Students Portal - Lifetime access to Bi-Monthly Webinars with Full Course Coverage and Live Doubt Clearing sessions - Lifetime access to Q&A forums - PDF copy of Slides, Cheat Sheets and 12+ hours of HD Videos - Lifetime access to all future course updates - Mock exams 2 weeks before the certification exam - Final Certification exam In our opinion, this seems like a great new direction in security training! Having people to see your whole full course content upfront and then allowing them to choose if they want to take your certification is as honest as it can get. If you are interested in the certification please do check it out. You also have a lot of other great content that might interest you as well. Regards
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