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  1. Probably is just for a specific version.build and without that specific installation kit is useless L.E. Same thing on windows, i searched for all .lic files on my pc an no new lic found. I didn't complete APIkey/url fileds
  2. picture is from course [Hidden Content] description is from course [Hidden Content] what course is in download links?
  3. from all my posts, you only remember that corelan archive:)), it's ok here is a share for you: not expensive course, but a very very usefull book for people passionate of reverse engineering/malware analysis [hide][Hidden Content]] i know that you "like me" - not - , but also know that you are good person (for community) and will share the course if you find somewhere else,
  4. so you say that i didn't share anything on this community? really? ) and have to share something before i ask something? i know that you have it, if don't wanna share with us, is ok, no big deal, maybe someone else without community in name will feel the community spirit and share :-D
  5. Course description: A good primer on OSINT, this course explains what Open Source Intelligence is and also covers types of OSINT sources, ethics and grey areas, useful tools available for OSINT information gathering including Google custom searches. The course will also cover cases and scenarios allowing the student to see how intelligence they have gathered can be used/ seen in different contexts. Students will also be exposed to tools like Maltego, FOCA and cree.py and work on labs where they will build their own fake/ puppet LinkedIn profile for intelligence gathering purposes, build a Google Custom Search Engine and gather intelligence on a large organization. Students will take away an appreciation for OSINT, why it needs to be a part of their toolbox, an intelligence gathering recipe and exposure to tools and techniques they can start using right away. Link: w w w . pentesteracademy . com/course?id=29
  6. You will learn: Intel x86: Architecture, CPU. Registers Linux: Userspace memory layout, stacks, heap, Syscalls, Sockets, Networking Programming Languages: Assembler, C, Python, Bash, Ruby [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. also, if someone have Godan ( Reverse engineering ) and want to share is nice
  8. Course Outline Certified Ethical Hacker Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certified Information Systems Security Pro (CISSP) Exams Included: No Offer: [Hidden Content] Details: [Hidden Content] Can someone with experience on e-careers courses to share training experience with us?
  9. is reverse engineering course, contain exe/binary/other files is normal to raise some detection, if don't trust person who build this course use vm want to learn how to bypass detection/ bypass protection with 0days?
  10. in 20 min you finish 30 modules, cool bro:)) here is spanish version 31 also 41 and 42 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. [Hidden Content] Extras: [Hidden Content]
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