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  1. I recommend watching KNOTION Trainings on YouTube.
  2. Currently there is none. You have to download the latest VCe and follow this thread. Discussions here hel you to get a proper understanding of what TOGAF is for so it will help you.
  3. 20767 ... Hey adam, great to see you back Indeed we have been waiting for your return ....
  4. Welcome to our little TOGAF Community here. VCE V6 is a file with scenarios close to the real exam. You can find it here [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi QuantumX, of course we are still following it. If you need assistance with updating the VCE it would be a pleasure for me to assist you. Regards Harry
  6. Well, that's easy. If you downloaded it elsewhere, ask there for support. Sorry, we are not supporting other provider's issues.
  7. 20741 ... I wish I could say that ... Too much work, too few time
  8. Sure, EAArchitect. You can find the differences here: [Hidden Content]
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