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  1. Cracks don't work for both upgrading and fresh install of 3.0
  2. Please note that upgrading to 3.0 will kill the license.
  3. Yes, and here is the question. If you can upgrade from 2.0 to 2.6, wouldn't it make senses that you can also go direct to 2.6 ? Anybody who understand system would understand that. Just some extra DB and files changes.
  4. Have you considered going for something like Comptia A+ or Comptia PC Support instead ?
  5. Hey Jeita, Are you running in VM or physical box ? During the installation, did it takes more than 100GB ram ?
  6. Is there a license requirement to run the DNAC ?
  7. Anybody has the newer IOSv instead ? Especially the vmdk ? Thanks.
  8. Anybody who has , please share.
  9. Am I the only one that finds it weird that CCIE Security candidates 1. Don't have the resources to create a VM from a ISO file. 2. Don't have the resources to convert a VMware vmdk to qcow2. Anyway, would it be better to find the steps instead of asking for the file instead ?
  10. You have the latest L3 for 2019 / 2020 ?
  11. Here is the trick. Do Not let eve connects out to the internet AND very importantly do not let your PC with the browser accessing Eve-NG GUI connects to the internet either. Anyway, I tested and didn't find any features worth while. The only feature I cared about is true multi-user and multi-role, and this isn't it. Eve-ng is nice if you have a couple of routers to virtualize in your lab, but anything more demanding, just run those VM directly in VMware instead, takes a bit more effort to setup , but much better on resources, you can do VM snapshot, roll back, etc...
  12. Yes, many people has got away with it. That's why all the exams dump will come out soon. You can also use any screen mirroring software, or connect another monitor or use one of those hardware for copying the HDMI for video games.
  13. How many vCPU for each of them ?
  14. Just tested same HowTo guide posted by somebody else here for earlier version on 6.6 and it works fine.
  15. Got around to testing 6.6 yet ? there seems to be a new "Carrier license.
  16. It's the same HowTo that somebody else wrote. Check the forum. Last version I did was 6.5 . Will try 6.6 at some stage..
  17. Ahh, but selling is not the same as helping... you are helping with providing the install files, so for that , I'll say a big "Thank you". As for license,....... most of us just need lab licenses.
  18. With the license ? Well, if you are, I would definitely need some as well.
  19. I meant the edge serial ? Just a sample.
  20. Can you share your copy of edge file for 16.x , I've tried but it's not taking. Thanks.
  21. That's not true. I've got it working up to 2.6 with license editing. I have not tried 2.7 though.
  22. No he can't .. but maybe others can... ;-)
  23. Considering that the original message was posted 11 years ago, I would assume the link is broken ... haha ha
  24. Yes but I've no intention of putting any serial on the internet but someone dumb enough might do it, guess how the serial for ACI Simulator was leaked ? , but the serial on the vEdge is generated and tied to something, I'm assuming this is the mac address, so just looking for a confirmation..
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