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  1. Hi , it s not yet available in microsoft labs online .. maybe in technet vlabs
  2. Hi is your purpose a deployment or just to learn it ?
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    hi F15 which version of exchange are you using ? if you tried to assign that permission via exchange admin console , it may not work , i advise you to do it via the attribute editor , located in the properties of the AD account had the same issue , and resolved it this way Antonio
  4. hi you can export them from wokstation,then import them using the web client to your desired target datastore
  5. to be honnest , i find it more useful to build our own plans, because we have to go through a lot of ducmentation to do that , pues it leads us to have more technical knowledge ... But take much more time
  6. Microsoft provides online labs [Hidden Content] i used a normal machine without any ssd(but can help) ,16 GB of ram, then use virtual machines .. and it served its purpose
  7. i m sure we guys all agree with you, but i also have to say even if you have bunch of expeirence on citrix, there are details even nit very important that show up in the certification , and as i , seeing it, from my point, that s when dumps help (even if some years ago , i used once dumps without knowing the tech to pass the exam, and i saw repercution in the interview ) All the best
  8. going to book citrix exams for february, will update what i have ps:nothing to do with this, i guess the best thing to do would be to prepare our own study plan for giving citrix training these days
  9. hi guys, Does anyone have access to EMC vPLEX and/or VNX Simulator ? i m preparing certifications for VNX and i m in lack of practice because i don t have simulator ps:already downloaded the nas version but not enought thanks in advance
  10. Thks for the answer, i guess they ll made like edocs , html with ability to print by page to pdf, .. Anyway , that s winter coming for sure
  11. OutCast you really rock mate !!! thanks a lot!!!
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