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  1. the only thing i know its corelan bootcamp is already in the wild in private exchange.other then that i dont know about contain of the course.
  2. its already shared in private exchange.i saw many people have it but its for exchange only.....maybe 1 day will be leaked.
  3. rawr1 i like your spirit
  4. if you need to learn modern reverse engineering try FlareOn challenges ,try to use every solution for challenge as training for learning. [Hidden Content]
  5. Are you a pen tester having some experience with Metasploit or Empire frameworks? Or maybe you take your first steps as an ethical hacker and you want to know more about how all these offensive tools work? Or you are a blue teamer or threat hunter who needs to better understand the internal workings of malware? This course will provide you the answers you're looking for. It will teach you how to develop your own custom malware for latest Microsoft Windows 10. And by custom malware we mean building a dropper for any payload you want (Metasploit meterpreter, Empire or Cobalt Strike beacons, etc.), injecting your shellcodes into remote processes, creating trojan horses (backdooring existing software) and bypassing Windows Defender AV. You will receive a virtual machine with complete environment for developing and testing your software, and a set of source code templates which will allow you to focus on understanding the essential mechanisms instead of less important technical aspects of implementation. [Hidden Content]
  6. INE offers a wide variety of courses and materials to help you pass your Cisco 200-301 CCNA Certification Exam. This Learning Path is designed to help you logically navigate through our offerings so that you can most efficiently make use of your studying opportunities. [Hidden Content]
  7. i dont think someone will leak it but in mean time here is nice alternative with more than 90 challenges with solution for linux binary exploitation. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. labs for eXDS v1 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. any update about INE: 350-401 ENCOR.
  10. Whether you dissect malware or any other software, whether your goal is security testing or understanding how everything works, reverse engineering is the most effective method you can use. This course will hone your assembly language skills, go through how arguments get passed in registers, and land on analyzing sophisticated malware. All of this will be done using Ghidra, the free and open-source tool developed by the National Security Agency. Ghidra is one of the most powerful Reverse Engineering tools available in the market, and the course will not only teach you regular RE techniques, but will also show how to boost them using Ghidra’s advanced capabilities. All of this will be done hands-on, with CrackMe's and challenges to test your skills. You will train to: Level up your Assembly programming skills Reveal the internals of software without access to source code Approach and solve a problem with little to none prior information about it Prepare for reverse engineering challenges in CTF competitions Practice scripting in Ghidra Extend your reverse engineering toolset with custom and modified tools. Website [Hidden Content]
  11. anyone willing to reup please. TIA
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