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  1. Are there any VMware VCSA keys out yet that work with release?
  2. If you want the newest iteration of the exam then take the 220-901 and 220-902 series. The main difference between the two is the expiration of the certification. The series I recommended expires 3 years after course conception (Dec 15, 2015) the other expires in Jun 2016.
  3. If you're on Linux or variant you can use "split" to break the file up into smaller pieces and then reassemble on the receiving end.
  4. Memory and the addition of an SSD will get you an immediate impact in performance.
  5. Ausom your post is also missing: 56. ESXi Host Security (21 min) 57. Managing Conflicts (17 min) 58. The Parka Principle (5 min)
  6. My intent is to share what is consumed during that period. I don't use Android and I only have so much storage on my phone. I was hoping that someone who has experience in recording these types of sessions would chime in.
  7. I am considering a 1 month or 3 month subscription. How would I record the training? I want this and the Solaris 11 one.
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